Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fish City Grill - Lakeland, FL

Among the plethora of restaurants at Lakeside Village, Fish City Grill was an easy first choice.  Fish City Grill is a local chain. The menu items are more varied and eclectic with emphasis on Southern and Cajun cooking.

The Oysters Nachos are a signature item comprising fried oyster, chipotle tartar sauce, and pico de gallo.  These little morsels were tasty with only the mildest kick. The oysters failed to shine through and were dominated by the pico de gallo.  Also at about $8, these were a cheap looking.  The Nachos were good and very welcome, but not great so from that standpoint it fell short of expectation.

The Serafin's Fish Taco is another signature item.  As can be seen, it is more of a burrito than a taco.  The taco consists of fried tilapia, cabbage, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, ranchero sauce, rolled, and a flour tortilla.  This was an enjoyable entree with a great mouth feel  but it lacked the spicy and vibrant kick I anticipated, leaning on the bland conservative side.  

Key Lime pie.  My taste buds are either dying, burnt out, or maybe the key lime just wasn't as tart as those I've had in the past.  For that reason, this pie was quickly consumed without making my mouth pucker.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable meal. The waitstaff was very courteous and non-intrusive   I'd be glad to make Fish City Grill with its varied menu part of my regular routine.

Restroom Rating: Didn't use

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