Saturday, June 8, 2013

Boston Chowda Co - Boston, MA

We continued our Boston themed must eats and Boston Chowda seemed to be the place in Quincy Market to get some clam chowder.

We found what appeared to be a single strand of coarse red hair in the soup.  Gross. The chowder was lukewarm. I suppose on a hot day that was OK but it was still disappointing it wasn't steaming hot.  The chowder was OK, not having big chunks of clam or big flavor.  It was perfectly salted but otherwise lacking anything making this a forerunner for best chowder candidate.  The chowder had the expected viscosity and decent bites of potato.  Bottom line, the clam chowder didn't have me clamoring for more.

At $5, they could use bigger cups but then  I suppose Quincy Market real estate is expensive.

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