Monday, June 17, 2013

Kopp's Frozen Custard - Brookfield, WI

Kopp's brings back childhood memories and I couldn't help but compare this one to the one that used to be on 60th and Appleton.


It was huge and hefty, somewhere between 5 to 6 inches in diameter. The meat is ground fine almost to the point of feeling processed. It had a hint of Salisbury steak texture and taste with the sirloin providing a notably beefier tasting patty than ground chuck. Alas it was overpowered by the excess application of mustard and ketchup.  It brought back memories of my first Kopp's burger back as a kid, heavy on mustard and ketchup.  They need to show a little restraint. The onions were cut thick and cooked halfway. Thinner and fully cooked caramelized onions would be better.
  • Bun:  Standard white.  Proper meat to bun ratio.
  • Toppings: The works including onions, mustard, ketchup, relish.
  • Cheese:  American?
  • Meat: Ground sirloin, claimed never frozen
  • Price:  $4.45
  • Rating: 8.3
The plain vanilla custard was very smooth, creamy, and slightly sweeter than anticipated.  I've become accustomed to Culver's custard that I found this different initially but came to like it more with each spoonful.  I wondered in a blind taste test if I would be able to tell and difference and if so, which I would prefer.

Restroom Rating: 7.2

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