Monday, June 10, 2013

Portland Lobster Co. - Portland, ME

Portland Lobster Co. has a great location on Commercial Street and it has the looks that attracts the tourists.  And as a foodie tourist, the lobster roll is a must try.

Despite the number of options offered, the Lobster Roll was the only choice.

It was not cheap at $17.  The menu says a pound of lobster but if that's a pound of lobster, I'm 7 ft tall.  More lobster and less fries would have been better. The lobster is brushed with butter rather than prepared with the more classic expected mayo.  The lobster wasn't particularly sweet or flavorful. A few chunks were stringy and none of it was too tender.  The roll reminded me of a lightly buttered toasted hot dog bun, which I suppose it is.  It looks better in picture than in real life.  As Shania Twain sang, "It don't impress me much."

If this is representative of Connecticut style lobster rolls, I will pass on future lobster roll eats. I love lobster but these didn't do anything for me. I won't rule out Main style lobster salad rolls...

Restroom Rating: 7.0

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