Monday, July 15, 2013

Apizza Scholls - Portland, OR

I was flipping through Anthony Bourdain's book No Reservations looking for what he considered to be outstanding restaurants through his travels and in particular in the US. He listed actually very few and lo and behold he included Apizza Scholls in Portland!

Unlike Bourdain who has no reservations, I had to make one. I was able to score a personal sized 10 in. pizza but wasn't fortunate enough with this option to go half and half.  I was split between the Margherita and the Tartufo Bianco and settled on the Tartufo.

The Tartufo comprises mozzarella (whole milk & fresh), pecorino romano/grana padano with Truffle Oil and sea salt.

What supposedly sets Apizza Scholls apart from the competition is the pizza crust. A pizza joint can buy almost any topping they want, the difference being the quality of the topping.  What a pizza joint can't really buy is the dough.  More or less they have to make it and that's what truly determines the quality of the pizza.

The crust on this pizza did distinguish itself from the competition.  It is the best pizza crust I have had stateside. It is more ciabatta like than bread like and the only better pizza crust I've had better was at Mariotta's in Rome. The topping was a little too cheesy for me, a little less would have been better. The truffle oil was notably prominent with its addictive earthy mushroom flavor.

It didn't live up to the built up expectations I had but it certainly does deserve mention for well above average pizza. Maybe I chose the wrong pizza and should have ordered the Margherita. Maybe Bourdain had the special treatment.

Restroom Rating:  Didn't use.

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    1. Yup that's what I should have tried, will do the next opportunity I get.