Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Francesco's Italian Restaurant - Decatur, AL

Franceso's is on the main drag but just south of the prime traffic area so it may not get the traffic it otherwise could. It's a restaurant you have to sleuth out rather than inadvertently venture into.

Chicken Scarpelli.  This came recommended by my server.  It looked like a Chinese stir fried mess, not aesthetically appealing or what I had come to expect in presentation and appearance of Italian dishes. The potpourri of vegetables continue to reinforced it was more Chinese rather than Italian with only the tomato sauce and pasta  anchoring it as an Italian dish.  The sauce wasn't tangy which was a plus. The shrimp was cooked properly.  It was an OK but not memorable dish.

The servers were predominantly teenagers.  My server did quite well.

Restroom Rating:  6.8. Nice attempt but replace the toilet seat.

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