Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lincoln Restaurant - Portland, OR

I learned of Lincoln Restaurant and chef owner Jenn Louis reading an in-flight magazine. After reading that article, I noted it as possible stop. That was shortly followed by a feature on Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods America.  Now I was primed to visit and with high expectations.

I believe it was Jenn Louis that was hosting as I entered but with much shorter almost butch hair.  She was a very delightful, sweet, and helpful person. Very nice pleasant smile.

The restaurant is clean, open, and minimalist.  Great bread with a peanut butter/peanut oil spread. That's also Basil Soda on the far right.  Odd but its one of those things that is both somewhat offputting yet addictive.

Braised Rabbit with Farro. It was the special of the night at $26.  More than my No. 1 McDonald's combo.  I was stuck between ordering the Quail and the Rabbit and the waitress swayed me toward the rabbit by saying it was Jenn Louis's favorite protein.

It shouldn't have been a surprise but the dish was smaller than I anticipated with the two hindquarters. For a perspective, it's about half the size of a 3 lb chicken sized hindquarter.  The rabbit was moderately tender, less so than I expected for a braised protein. It was a struggle cutting and scraping the meat off the bones. I followed nice restaurant etiquette and didn't use my fingers.  The flavoring and seasonings were too subtle for me to pick up.  It reminded me of chicken cooked in a very mild chicken broth.  I was expecting a burst of Northwest flavor whatever that's supposed to be.

The farro was more flavorful and seasoned offering a nutty, crunchy, chewy, and savory mouthfuls.

It just seems about every time I go to a higher end restaurant, I end up choosing the wrong entry.

Restroom Rating: 7.5

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