Sunday, July 14, 2013

Little Bird Bistro - Portland, OR

Is it ironic that the primary purpose of going to a French restaurant is to have a burger and not to eat French food? That was my primary purpose, to have the iconic Le Pigeon Burger.

But of course, it would be impossible at least for me to dine at French restaurant without including some French preparation.

Bone Marrow ($14) with octopus, chorizo, jalapenos, and black flatbread.  Yes, the appetizer cost more than the entree.  It certainly wasn't what I was expecting.  It arrived warm whereas I expected hot bones.  The marrow itself was flavorless but supplemented by the accompaniments, the olive oil, and lemon(?). The marrow was soft but under cooked and a little bloody in spots.  I understand the effort but it wasn't worth the asking price.

Le Pigeon Burger

Ordered medium rare and it arrived medium rare.  One bite and it became immediately apparent that I had settled for less than burger perfection of late.  The well grilled ciabatta provided a texture and crunch that sets it apart from the competition.  Next came the tangy bite and crunch of the slaw, onion, and condiments followed by the smooth mellow cheese.  Then came the big bold beefy umami succulent flavor of the meat with a great mouth feel. It was a burger where despite the toppings were extraordinary, they were still the supporting casts playing second fiddle to the stellar star meat.  Each bite was an explosion of mouth satisfying flavors.  Despite it's smallish appearance, it was more that I thought it was. I hit the wall the last few bites as the cheese became dominant but it was great down to the last bite.

  • Bun: Ken's Artisan ciabatta
  • Toppings: Iceberg lettuce slaw, grilled pickled red onion, in-house made ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise
  • Cheese:  Tillamook white cheddar
  • Meat:  7 oz., 3/4 in. thick, local farm (Painted Hills shoulder, ground in house?), square shaped
  • Price: $12
  • Rating: 9.9.  Because I don't know what a 10 is. The only burger I've had that can compare this Le Pigeon Burger is the Yakuza Burger.

Is it a mini-burger? No, it's a macaroon offered with the bill.

Restroom Rating:  Didn't use.

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