Thursday, July 18, 2013

¿Por Que No? - Portland, OR

I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of a line as the night before there was one snaking out the door. I suppose I arrive early enough to avoid the line. Still it was packed and I did wait in the small line inside.

It's a hopping place with lively noisy and a mostly young and moneyed crowd.

I decided to order the especial Baja Fish Taco described on the chalkboard and a Carne Asada taco along with a Jamaica tea (hibiscus).  The Carne Asada as their menu states comprised Cascade Natural beef brisket, braised inside banana leaves in a Yucatan Style three chile barbacoa salsa, topped with onion, cilantro & queso fresco from Ochoa's Queseria in Albany.

I paid up, got a number, and waited at the table for about 10 minutes. I had ordered to dine in, not to go yet I received a box as if I was taking out. I was expected a plastic basket with white paper lining just like the table next to me.  To top it off, this box was tiny, like the box you would get if you have about 4 bites of your entree left and you wanted it to go.  That was Disappointment Nos. 1 and 2.

The Fish Taco was decent hot and fresh. I enjoyed it but it was gone it too few bites.  The Carne Asada had a mild kick but cold, stringy, and a neutral slightly bitter flavor. It maybe took about 8 normal bites to finish off.  Two tacos at $7.50 and I walked away hungry.  That was Disappointment Nos. 3 and 4.

For all the hype and the long lines, this place left me seriously wanting.  Por Que No has a fun atmosphere but is unfortunately tied to mediocre small portioned expensive food.  Somewhere in there is great potential but it wasn't present on this visit.

Restroom Rating:  Didn't use.

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