Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rocky Rococo - Wisconsin Dells, WI

It's been ages since I had been to a Rocky Rococo anywhere. At that time Rocky seemed poised to expand/explode across the country but instead shrunk.  Back then I had dined at a number of Rockys but I couldn't understand its popularity.

So I wasn't expecting much at this Wisconsin Dells Rocky when we stopped in as a matter of convenience.  I figured they would serve the typical tourist customers unlikely to return quality food.

Italian Sausage super slice size at $4.  Appearance wise it was what I expected and cutting into it with fork and knife didn't change my impression.  However one bite and it was an explosion of unexpected goodness. I wondered if Rocky went back to the drawing board and fixed the ills or if the pizza makers in this particular kitchen took some extra care in making the pizza.

It was hot, fresh, and unexpectedly delicious, the best pizza I've had in a long time.  The Italian sausage was mild but there was no mistaken it for anything but Italian sausage with the fennel.  The cheese was melted and browned, perfectly proportioned, and tasted just right for the assembly. The crust was soft and chewy and perfect for soaking in the grease.

I'm glad we stopped in.  It left me wondering if all Rockys serve this quality pizza.

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