Saturday, August 10, 2013

Billy Goat Tavern - Chicago, IL

Double Cheezborger?  I hadn't had that in mind but the cashier asking and expecting a "Yes" was the reason I did, especially when she said the patties were thin.  No Pepsi, no Coke but for me a Root Beer.  Hey, it was on the menu so and there was no fight.  So I got it.

Billy Goat Tavern in addition to being the inspiration for a Saturday Night Live skit has also been featured on The Layover and Burger Land.

The decor just screams fun, history, family, and pride of ownership.  It was a place I had to visit just to say I've been there.

Double Cheeseburger

This burger won't win any awards.  It's doubtful that it would even place 10th in a contest with 10 entries.  On a given day when McDonald's is popping them out fresh rather than nuked, McDonald's would be my preference.  The burger is more bun than meat, dry as toast, and bland as Midwest food can be.  But Billy Goat Tavern isn't about great burgers but the fame, the name, the claim, and being bossed by the pre-Seinfeld Soup Nazi.
  • Bun: Kaiser style. Lightly grilled. This was the best part of the burger given it slightly ciabatta texture. Way too high of a bun to meat ratio.
  • Toppings:  None came with it but there is a condiment bar.  Nice sliced onions.
  • Cheese:  American, assumed.
  • Meat:  Ground?  Dry. Bland.  Did I mention dry?  Did I mention thin? Johnny Carson once joked that if McDonald's stacked the 100 million burger patties they sold, the stack would be only 3 ft. tall.
  • Price: $4.25
  • Rating: 7.0 because of the bun, otherwise lower.

It's definitely difficult to find.  It's on the west side of Michigan Ave. When approaching the address, you'll head west off the main Michigan Ave path.  There will be a lot of flags set up like a United Nations. Take the stairs down and turn around.

Restroom Rating:  6.9. Cramped and old.

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