Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bistro 23 - Portland, OR

Bistro 23 is good for a quick lunch bite and something a little different from the usual fare in northeast PDX airport area where options are limited.

Put your order in at the counter.  They give you a number that you display at your table of choosing. A few minutes later, they bring your food to you.

Chicken Pesto Panino consists of grilled chicken, tomatoes, provolone, pesto, and sourdough bread. The pesto with its funky cheesy note was most dominant livening up the chicken.  Nice crunch on the bread.  The Panino was decent but didn't set itself apart from the many paninis I've had before.

The pear soda definitely tasted of pear.  It could grow on me.

Based on this one time stop, I wouldn't hesitate to return to Bistro 23 try their other offerings.

Restroom Rating: Didn't use.

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