Sunday, August 25, 2013

Joe's Gizzard City - Potterville, MI

Serendipity was the reason were we in the vicinity and any time we have an opportunity to stop in a place nationally featured is a treat. But Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives as we have learned first hand is sometimes more hype and good will rather than outstanding must eat food.  How would Joe's fare?

At $10 bucks for a full order vs. $8 for a half order of Original Gizzards, the decision was easy.  You get a lot of weight and batter for a Hamilton.

I ate and liked gizzards growing up but still I had some trepidation facing these. These came out fresh from the fryer, no sitting under a heat lamp.  It took about 5 minutes, great time for a takeout order.

These are the most tender gizzards I've ever eaten.  How does Joe's do it?  If blindfolded and given these to eat, I would from the texture never guessed these were gizzards.   These were also delicious, having the slightest hint of the gizzardy, slightly irony, organ meat taste working in conjunction with a light non-greasy tasting batter.  These went down easy and was popular with our group.  These were great alone as well as with the thick shrimp cocktail like dipping sauce provided.

These make for an occasional eat, certainly nothing the doctor would want you munching on.  Bottom line, Joe's lived up to the hype.

Restroom Rating:  6.8. Old but an old sense of pride.

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