Friday, August 23, 2013

Jumbo Empanadas - Toronto, ON

Jumbo Empanadas is located on Augusta in the energetic hipster neighborhood of multiple eateries sardined in an area that I wished would go on forever but ends all too soon.

With so many eateries on Augusta, where does one start?  With not a lot of time, this is the one we chose for a sampling.

Chicken Empanada at $4.50. At about 6 in. long, it's bigger than usual but in this Man vs. Food poisoned mind, this doesn't quite jumbo sized.  If memory serves correctly, this is also the first empanada I've had that was baked rather than fried. That's one less guilt as we indulged this weekend.

The empanadas were on the baking tray on a rack.  Once ordered, we were asked if we wanted it heated.  Yes, so into the heating oven it went for about 5 minutes.

One bite and it was immediately apparent it was worth the wait.  It was an explosion of hot meaty chicken flavors.  The accompanying dipping salsa raised the spiciness level a few notches while providing a cool temperature contrast to the hot stuffing of chicken strands.  The chewy bread contained the goodness and held well from start to finish.

Bottom line, the empanada was a standout.

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