Saturday, August 10, 2013

Luke's Italian Beef - Chicago, IL

I've had Italian beef outside of Chicago but there's a belief that some of the best Italian Beef is made in Chicago. Luke's isn't hesitant to advertise Luke's was voted as Chicago's best.

For the price of $5.50, it was certainly didn't put a hurt to my wallet.  What wasn't so nice was shelling out 45 cents extra for the sweet peppers.  Come on, peppers should come standard with the base price. To make matters worse, these peppers were wimpy, mushy, and flavorless.  I should have gone with hot peppers.

The beef was hot, thinly shaved, moist, and tender.  It wasn't bland but it didn't have much notable flavor, certainly not much in the form of vibrant Italian spices. It had MSG because I was certainly parched afterwards. The entirety was ladled with too much au jus because as I unwrapped it, most of the roll was soggy although still intact. The roll was excellent otherwise.  Luke's provides a generous portion of beef, certainly more than anticipated.

Luke's Italian Beef didn't leave me wanting more or looking forward to another Chicago Italian Beef, especially if this is the best Chicago has to offer.

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