Friday, August 16, 2013

Mushashi Japanese Cuisine - Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport DTW

CLOSED 2014(?)

I was rushed to get to my next flight but needed to grab a bite to eat.  On previous layovers, I had seen numerous Japanese customers ordering here so I figured it had to be relatively decent.

Tonight was a surprisingly slow night for Musashi.  It probably doesn't help that it's off the main drag.

Gyu Don ($10). The pickled ginger was had a strong unexpected bite. The nori was a nice touch and the small square left me wanting more.  The daikon was thoroughly cooked and also unexpected. The server ladled a generous amount of beef which had a rough dry texture but was still soft enough to easily swallow.  The rice was well prepared and ladled over with a sweet soup making for faster eating. I would have preferred a more savory soup. It was more homemade than restaurant quality. It was decent enough but nowhere near spectacular. I wish I had time to slow down to enjoy it.

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