Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Northpoint Custard - General Mitchell International Airport MKE

Located in the Main Terminal before security, Northpoint serves traditional breakfast during the mornings but I asked if they served burgers also which to my surprise the answer was yes.  And am I glad I did.


It's not that I make a point to eat burgers at airports but this is the best burger I've had at an airport to date.  Yes I've shelled out 4 times as much for an airport burger and it wasn't as good as Northpoint's. The fresh Sciortino roll was a definite winner with its ciabatta like texture. The cheese is well melted. The patty while frozen is char grilled in the spot for you with care, at least this morning it was as I watched the cook, and arrived hot. The Northpoint sauce was a tangy glue melded all the components together.

  • Bun:  Sciortino roll
  • Toppings:  A host of options.  I chose lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions, pickles, Northpoint Sauce.
  • Cheese:  A host of options. I chose cheddar.
  • Meat: 1/4 lb patty, frozen.
  • Cost: $4.67 - cheap for an airport and with this quality.
  • Rating:  8.9

It was a surprising and unexpected find.  I'd gladly stop in again if the quality I had today is representative and not anomaly.

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