Monday, August 26, 2013

Oakland Gyros - Milwaukee, WI

This particular Oakland Gyros is located on Layton Ave about a mile away from the northwest corner of Billy Mitchell airport. The one unfortunate thing is that it doesn't open until 11 AM so if you've got an early flight and have a hankering for gyros, you'll have to settle for somewhere else.

Gyro Platter.  Presenting on a cafeteria tray, this platter appears to be standard sized but once picked up, it is hefty. Then when you set in on the table and start to tackle it, you realize how much volume it actually is. It's got to be a pound plus of food.  It could easily serve three if not 4 people with average appetites.

The gyro meat is standard texture but with a more robust spicy kick than usually offered at other gyro shops. The meat contains MSG and put a heavy thirst on me.  The tomatoes were fairly ripe, the onions just right with a none too snappy bite. The rice was comforting.

Overall, very respectable but not extraordinary. While not elite, it makes up for it quantity. I would return in a heartbeat.

Restroom Rating: 7.1

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