Friday, August 23, 2013

Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers - Port Huron, MI

Wendy's has been attempting to freshen up their image through the commercials featuring spunky Red aka Morgan Smith Goodwin, the hot redhead gal who's ultimately too pushy, authoritative, controlling, and patronizing.  Has the new campaign to freshen up things translated into execution?

The simple hamburger should be the ultimate test of burger building ability but it's too often relegated to being the one perfunctorily slapped together.  The philosophy holds true here. Lukewarm nuked bun, cheese chilly, and dry buns.

The chili cheese fries were much better and putting a few forkfuls on the burger made the burger actually enjoyable.

The soft serve ice cream was wonder, sweet, and welcome. But you shouldn't be able to mess that up right?

Tables were recently wiped with rag residue visibly notable.  Fortunately, it didn't smell of sour towel.

Restroom Rating:  4.5.  Two urinals are chipped at the base.  A third is out of service. A restaurant bathroom shouldn't smell too like where drunks sleep.

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