Friday, September 20, 2013

Caper's Cafe - Portland International Airport PDX

I should have been more guarded when I saw the Roast Beef listed on the sandwich menu board going for for $5.50. Ir was a few dollars less than the hot foods but seeing how Capers was hustling with a large staff, I figured the sandwiches had to be decent.

The server behind the counter wrote my order and handed me the check to pay the cashier. After a couple minutes, a person came out calling my number and I was handed a brown paper bag. Huh? How was this prepared so fast or was it prepared in advance pre-wrapped and just picked off the shelf?  It was ostensibly made to order but the eating would tell.

The roast beef was dry and bland and the Caper sauce was the only thing giving it some level of moistness and flavor./ The roll was even dryer and had the starchy stale refrigerated taste and texture so I came to the conclusion, right or wrong, that it had prepared in advance and refrigerated.  If I wanted a pick up and go sandwich, I would stopped at a pick up and go establishment where I had the ability to eye and pick the sandwich of my choice, not somewhere where I had to put in a order at a counter and feel I was getting a fresh made to order sandwich.

It's been a long time since I had airport food this unfavorable.

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