Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pambiche - Portland, OR

Maybe it was just today but Pambiche appeared to be girl's happy hour central.  As I looked around, the d├ęcor felt "la" rather than "el".  But I wasn't eyeing the girls but the tapas like dishes, served during merienda, they had ordered as the plates arrived.  Get your boobs out the way so I can salivate over the food.

Iron Beer - the national drink of Cuba

There so many choices and so little room in the stomach.  Would it be oxtail, tongue, or fried cow?

Rabo Encendido or Oxtail on Fire comprises oxtail braised in creole wine sauce.  It took awhile for food to arrive but it was worth the wait.  Beautiful in presentation, I started off munching on the pickled coleslaw like mix and beets both great and then the rice before attacking the oxtail.  Three sauces are brought to the table: vinegar, sweet, and a smoky spicy.  I liked the vinegar and the smoky sauces the most.  The oxtail was fall apart fork tender with deeply infused sweetness and a slight savoriness. Ahh, this brought back great childhood memories.  I would have preferred more savory and less sweet. It had minimal if any level of heat.  The oxtail stood fairly well as it without additional sauce but the vinegar and the smoky sauce made it better...I believe food should be eaten as the chef/cook prepares it without adding anything.

I liked this dish, a mix between home cooked with love and restaurant quality.  Pambiche rates as a must return to try their many other dishes.

Restroom Rating:  7.8. Clean, well decorated, but a little old.

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