Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mother's Bistro & Bar - Portland, OR

Before the 8 AM opening, a queue 30 deep formed and within minutes of opening, Mother's appeared to be about 50% capacity.  Impressive what word of mouth does.

Crunchy French Toast - challah bread dipped in cornflakes.

The dish came out after about 7 minutes after the order was put in. It was aesthetically pleasing despite being a monotone golden brown. It appeared to be more chicken fried steak than French toast. The French toast was crunchy on the outside and advertised and fresh, soft, eggy, and sweet on the inside. The syrup made for an even sweeter and moist toast.

This was the second best French toast I've ever had topped only by the ones served by a restaurant in a remote location most are unlikely to visit.  Click here to read about the best I've had and as rated by Good Morning America.

The service was friendly and professional as if the staff were hired based upon their innate customer relations skills. The preparation of the French Toast was at a level above most other restaurants. I perceived Mother's has a higher quality standard than most. This is definitely a restaurant on my to return list. I can't wait to try their other offerings.

Restroom Rating: 8.5. Clean, bright.

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