Saturday, September 28, 2013

Original Rock n' Roll McDonald's - Chicago, IL

If you're a fan, a pop culture student, or a food tourist, Rock n Roll McDonald's is a must stop. It's fun and nostalgic look at McDonald's.  It's about 5 times bigger than typical neighborhood McDonald's and even has a set of escalators.  It represents everything you wish your local McDonald's was.

The prices were notably higher, almost close to airport McDonald's prices and the dollar value menu was conspicuous in absence. The food is what you expect of McDonald's but above par attention was given in preparation, execution, and presentation.  The front counter service personnel were patient, accommodating, professional, and willing minus the attitude. They epitomized what fast food service public relations should be.

Restroom Rating: 8.5. I wouldn't expect any less from a flagship McDonald's.  One of the cleanest, most well illuminated restaurant restroom's I've seen.

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