Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pho Dalat - Portland, OR

Pho Dalat certainly did not disappoint holding true to quintessential utilitarian need to learn Restaurant Decor 101 Pho Shop mold yet manages to serve a good pho mold.

After an unappetizing encounter in the restroom, I was having reservations about their food cleanliness and sanitation.

The Special with top round, flank, tendon, and beef tendon.  This was large size and it was generous with the broth but stingy on the noodles.  The bowl had an adequate amount of beef balls but was low on the other beef components, especially the beef tendon. The meat was relatively high quality and tender. The beef tendons were perfect, squishy soft with a great mouth feel, and comforting.  The broth was scalding hot as it should be with just the right hint of anise and great umami. The noodles were also perfectly cooked with just a bit of snap left.  The bean sprouts were fresh.

This was a very good pho not quite great.  Pho Dalat would readily survive in a Little Saigon enclave.

Restroom Rating:  5.0  I'm probably the first customer in this day and residue floats in the toilet? It's much used and in need of modernization.

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