Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pine State Biscuits - Portland, OR

Pine State Biscuits has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives although it was not this particular location singled out to get the glory and fame but the glory and fame spilt over to this Alberta Street location.

I walked in with great expectations, especially as it received national exposure.  Would hype and reality be congruous?  It was a place I truly wanted to like. A great biscuit is comfort food.

Reggie.  Biscuit with fried chicken, cheese, and gravy.

The artistry was present so that was a  promising start.  The biscuit appeared to have layers so that was also promising.  But that the Reggie was ready within minutes after the order told me the chicken had been precooked.

Here's a break down of the individual components. The biscuit was dry, homogeneous, dense, crumbly rather than layered, flaky, fluffy, and buttery. The fried batter was soggy, a definitive sign of being precooked. The chicken breast was stringy, dry, and mostly bland. The chicken portion was huge but that's only truly a positive if the chicken is good.   If it wasn't for the gravy providing moisture, the ensemble would have been choke dry. The gravy was good albeit not in the category of ladle chugging good. The bacon was thick but offensively stale. Think stale nuts. The bacon was pulled out and tossed aside.  I don't recall tasting the cheese.

The cashier was friendly.

I'm at the point where I take Guy Fieri with a grain of salt, that he's a shill as often as he's honest. Or it's just possible he gets the chef's best and I get the hype.

Maybe it was close to quitting time and Pine State was using up the day's leftovers on the last customers but the biscuits are what this place is all about and it needs to be spot on from the opening bell to the closing.  If the owners aren't doing some QC...

As I said, I wanted to love this place.  I wanted this to be my go to place for biscuits. Unfortunately this is the least palatable food I've had at a restaurant with national exposure that I can recall.

Restroom Rating:  didn't use.

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