Monday, October 7, 2013

Ruby's Dinette - Los Angeles International Airport LAX

It must be the marketing that Ruby's is lacking as the reason why they are a bit player compared to In-N-Out burgers because in a blindfold taste test of their burgers, I would be pressed to distinguish the two.

Actually that's not quite true.

Double Deluxe Burger.  The one big difference between the Ruby's and the In-N-Out is that Thousand Island Dressing based spread that In-N-Out uses.  Another difference the Ruby bun has a little more substance and is less airy than In-N-Out burger, better able to hold together to the last bite.  Other than that, my taste buds couldn't tell the difference.

Yes, it is airport food so it is overpriced at just under $10 but then LAX doesn't have an abundance of desirable restaurants. Ruby's is in Terminal 6.

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