Thursday, October 10, 2013

El Sombrero Mexican Cocina - Portland, OR

Being on the outskirts of the city and outside the tourist zone, I figured the El Sombrero customers were predominately locals. That a few customers were Hispanic was a great sign.  And it was steady busy if not packed during the lunch which was another great sign for a restaurant on Sandy.

It was the lunch special of the day. Given so much time has passed since this writing I can't remember what the entree was and certainly being hidden under a mound of lettuce and cheese doesn't help.  I do recall it tasting better and more authentic than the now defunct Chi-Chi's.  The rice was fluffier and tastier than typical.  The refried beans were lighter and also less greasy than typical.

It's wouldn't rank among the best I've had or the most authentic but it was more than adequate and a welcome break from the usual lunch.

Restroom Rating:  7.9  Cleaner than I expected.  Bright lights

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