Friday, October 25, 2013

Salt & Straw - Portland, OR

Featured on Bizarre Foods America.

Even late night the queue extended out the door and it never shortened in the time we were there.  No matter because it was only slightly chilly, and we had undiscovered talent singing up storm for us this evening.

I wondered how it was Salt & Straw is the ice cream parlor where the hip and young hang out for a cone full of ice cream.  The flavors are exotic but is that the draw? Is it the locally sourced ingredients? It is to see or be seen?

I took the choice at the top of the menu board, the Caramel and Sea Salt.  Salty ice cream? Isn't that exactly what you want to keep out if you're making your own ice cream?

A single scoop is over $3. Glad it was a big scoop. The caramel and salt combination worked surprisingly well, the sweetness offset by the occasional pocket of unexpected saltiness served as an anticipated next bite. The ice cream was smooth and tasted natural minus the typical hint of artificialness of many ice creams.

It was excellent ice cream and even somewhat addictive during the eating. I don't find that I have a craving for it but I believe I now understand its popularity.  Salt & Straw is like a bar albeit an ice cream bar. It's a gathering spot to socialize.

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