Friday, October 11, 2013

Shoyu - Minneapolis St Paul International Airport MSP

I noticed that some call this place Taste of Shoyu but I'm not sure where that comes from as it is just "Shoyu" as noted in the photo and the MSP airport website calls this "Shoyu".

It's located at the can't miss entry of Concourse G and takes a lot of real estate.

You sit at a table, order your food via the iPad tablets, included the tip pre-service, pay with a credit card you slide through the reader, and then your server brings out your food.

It's missing the purple hue because it's not fresh but pickled eggplant that's used.  Everything in the bowl was delicious except the duck. The duck was bland, just kind of there without any notable flavor, herbs, or spices to accentuate the duck flavors.  The ramen had the desirable umami savory flavor. The pickled eggplant provided a tart textural contrast to the noodles.  And of course everything tastes better with a runny egg.

Overall very comforting if expensive.  Do you know how many boxes of ramen can be bought with $14? But then I suppose that's how they offset the cost of the iPads.

Updated Feb 2014

Shoyu certainly knows presentation. Short Rib Noodle bowl or something like that.  Flavorful, savory umami, great mouth feel. Not enough food for the money and gone all too soon.

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