Sunday, December 8, 2013

Brasa Premium Rotisserie - St Paul, MN

Brasa is an favorite of Adam Man vs. Food Richman as he states in an NBC network interview.  It wasn't the St Paul location but rather the Minneapolis location featured but nonetheless the food served at each should be identical.  Right?

Parking on Grand Ave is very sparse and so when I arrived to their almost empty lot, I thought Brasa was closed.

I ordered the Slow Roasted Pork ($5.15) and Creamed Spinach with Jalapeno ($2.95), the two items that Richman raved as being foods in the U.S not to be missed.  I had stepped away to the restroom and upon return found a small bowl and small plate at the table, thinking it was a mistake. What's this?

It was my dinner.  I know I ordered a small plate but when they mean small, they mean small. It was the size of a single ice cream scoop.  At over $5, the pork better be an OMG dish as Richman proclaims.  How was it?  It was lukewarm, tender, moist, and mild tasting leaning on bland.  The flavors were reminiscent of a pork dishes that I've had my taste buds were unable to identify. It was close to in flavor to some Asian and Jamaican pork.  It was OK and did not live up to the hype, not even close.

The Creamed Spinach was warmer and had a bit more flavor.  The Spinach was intact and not overcooked to the point of being mush. The spiciness was so mild, I wouldn't have known the Jalapeno was present if it wasn't stated on the menu. Despite the cream, it was light and refreshing.  It was better than the pork but again did not live up to the hype, also not even close.

The Mill Stream root beer. The first swig had a clean light vanilla taste but it must contain some kind of an anesthetic as my taste buds dulled and each subsequent sip seemed to have less flavor.

So what is with these TV show hosts?  Do they get the chef's best and personal attention while Joe Average like me gets the perfunctory complacent preparations? Are they shills?  Does the Minneapolis location prepare better foods than the St Paul location? I'm batting about .100 stopping in at these nationally featured restaurants.

Restroom Rating: 7.8

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