Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mediterranean Grill - Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport DTW

Mediterranean Grill wasn't my my first option.  After walking almost the entire mile of the concourse in search of something that would pop out and nothing did, I circled back and stopped here.  The reason I didn't stop in initially is that after reading the menu, it felt Americanized Mediterranean rather than authentic.

When the menu lists gyros or schawarma but offered only in chicken or beef and not lamb, it's doesn't fill me with anticipation.

Falafel Wrap.  It was a middling preparation, tasting like an assembly line wrap more so than something lovingly prepared and cooked to order. The falafels were obviously fried in well in advance and arrived lukewarm. The falafels were actually quite good with a nutty taste but were on the small side. The tzatziki provided a needed tang and zest.  The pita was just there to hold everything in place and was on the cusp between fresh and stale.  The fries were the best item on the plate, hot, crunchy on the outside with a crusty bumpy exterior and a soft fluffy inside.

The waitress was an old pro knowing how to serve busy hurried travelers. One thing I didn't need to see inside the check folder was a slip of paper with writing in multiple languages that it is customary to tip 18 to 20% for good service.

Bottom line.  It was OK.  It was better than the fast food options but I'll continue my search for something better.

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