Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mandy's Fish and Chips - Phoenix, AZ

Mandy's is located along the Light Rail so arriving at the parking lot can be a bit of detour if you take an incorrect turn. It would seem the Light Rail affects customer flow.

It is a dive.  The interior would suggest Mandy's doesn't spend much in upkeep so the money better be spend in the food or one would hope so.

Catfish Sandwich Combo. The catfish was fried after the order was entered. It took about 5 minutes.  I was expecting a whole palm sized fried fillet as opposed to chicken finger sized chunks. The fish didn't have the oily greasy catfish taste I anticipated.  The crispy, crumbly batter stood out as the predominant taste and texture.  It was a little dry and the spicy tartar sauce was a welcome addition for flavor.  The fries were scorching hot and crispy on the inside and creamy on the inside.

Decent for fast food. Best wishes for continuing success.

Restroom Rating: 6.8  Old. It's locked so ask for the key.

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