Thursday, January 2, 2014

Various New Orleans Restaurants

These were photo opportunities.  Lack of time and money mixed in with our full distended bellies meant we walked by and could only look at the posted menus and drool as we saw diners at the window tables shove forkfuls of appealing food into their mouths.

One of the old school restaurants/institutions. It was Antoine's and then Arnaud's as our choices if timing availed. Gentlemen, bring your jacket and tie.

Arnaud's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Authentic African food.  The prices seem reasonable but our bellies said no.

Bennachin on Urbanspoon

This was our designated standby, just in case the other restaurants got people crazy. It seemed to have a steady light crowd.

Daisy Dukes Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Why not Dat Dog?

Dat Dog on Urbanspoon

Literally a stone's throw from Acme Oyster House.  Felix is the competition to Acme.  A line isn't always present at Felix like at Acme however if the line is at Acme wraps around the street corner, expect an impressive line also at Felix.

Felix's Restaurant & Oyster Bar on Urbanspoon

The restaurant of Paul Prodhomme who brought Canjun/Creole food to the forefront for the masses. Reportedly a great place for dinner but not so much for lunch.

K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen on Urbanspoon

One of  the designated spots for Po-Boys.

Stanley Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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