Monday, March 3, 2014

Restaurants in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport CVG

Gold Star Chili is a Cincinnati founded and based establishment so it was one that I had to try.

This cup of Chili wasn't cheap at about $6.50.  I'm not aware if the price is typical or if it's elevated due to the airport location.  Also I'm not aware if the preparation is typical but if it is, it isn't worth the price.  The Chili comes sans beans and cheese but they may be added as no cost options. I opted out of the beans. The Chili was thin, watery, stingy with the ground beef.  I don't know how they grind their ground beef so small as most chunks were seemed to be about No. 9 birdshot pellet size and any BB sized bits were to be prized. It was more soup than chili.  There's no mistaking the chili for the flavor of chili. It was moderately spicy reminiscent of black pepper, slightly tangy, and salty with a decent front note but overall its flavor didn't distinguish itself from the competition. To be candid, I prefer Wendy's Chili which is cheaper, has large chunks of ground beef, beans, and onions, and tastes better with a good front and back note.

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