Monday, February 3, 2014

Twinburger - Minneapolis St Paul International Airport MSP

Twinburger is collaboration between Matt's Bar and the MSP airport.  It's another of the iPad ordering system restaurants where the iPad system asks to you tip before receiving any service.

Jucy Lucy. Cheese between 2 patties. I use to eat them almost weekly in a primarily faculty visited cafeteria. I forget the name of the the restaurant but I'll never forget the flame broiled taste of the burgers with its oozing cheesy center.

I've read the hype about Matt's Bar Jucy Lucys and seen the hype on TV.  Did it live up to the hype? The meat was drab but somewhat moist with an agreeable mouthfeel. The meat was lukewarm although it was cooked medium well. The cheese was fully melted but not nuked in the microwave hot.  The cheese had a pinkish tinge from blood.  The onions needed a bit more time on the grill to bring out the sweetness. The bun was decent.

It felt like a $5 burger at best.  It felt like the rest of the money supports the iPad system.  Certainly the extra money doesn't go to  recruit quality attentive wait staff.   If the burger I had was representative of the Jucy Lucy at Matt's Bar, I'll pass on Matt's Bar.  However in its favor, it was better than the Nook's Jucy Lucy.

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