Sunday, April 13, 2014

Matt's Bar - Minneapolis, MN

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Matt's Jucy Lucy vs. Nook's Jucy Lucy. Which is better? Now having fulfilled the goal of trying both, I have the answer. One shot, winner takes all.  Who won?

Matt's is located in neighborhood that makes me think of Rocky. Low key, working class, and a little rough. Inside the patrons come from all over dressing down to fit in but their polish still shows through. The waitresses appeared indigenous to the neighborhood and capable of beating you senseless in a back alley also seemed straight out of Rocky with the attitude minus the east coast accent.

I sat at the bar and watched as the cooked literally flipped burgers on a grill top too small for the customer traffic. I can't believe the cook isn't bored silly flipping burgers and dumping fries. I got bored watching and waiting for my burger to be cooked.

Jucy Lucy

  • Bun.  As a customer was leaving, he asked where the buns came from.  The answer was something like it came from a place that only prepared buns for them and none one else.  I never caught the name. But these buns were good and hardy, not the grade commonly available at the local supermarket.  Good bun to beef ratio.
  • Toppings: Yes I wanted the grilled onions. How is it they weren't mush as much time as they spent on the grill?
  • Cheese: American (?) I suppose, squeezed between the patties and nuclear hot.
  • Meat:  The patties shrunk about 30% from its original uncooked state.  The meat was well done but still moist.  Very beefy satisfying taste. The well season grill top must be the difference maker.
  • Cost: $6.50 including tax.
  • Rating: 9.0.  Basic, beefy, good, iconic. Better than expected but still not in the world class category. Still I'm glad I tried it.
So how does compare vs. the Nook's Jucy Lucy?  Click here for the Nook review. 

Maybe the Nook had a bad night but when you serve burgers almost exclusively, each one should be your top notch preparation.

Bottom Line: Matt's beats Nook's. It wasn't even close.

Restroom Rating: 6.7.  A urine trough?  Seventies charming but it needs to go.

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 1 Corinthians 1:18

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