Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Grain & Gristle - Portland, OR

Alliteration may be a reason it's named Grain & Gristle but there was no gristle in my lambwich.  And G&G reinforces my belief that Portland is a great sandwich city.

Smoked Lambwich comprises pickled fennel & pickles, harissa, aioli. Parsley, celery. Excellent, tender, it lets you know its lamb without being too gamy, a hint of sweet heat from the harissa, and a nice smooth touch of garlic. The roll is crunchy outside and soft inside. The lambwich a winner for G&G and Portland.  I can't wait to return for their other meaty treats.

My sole complaint is the moderately small portion for the money but I suppose its good that way so I didn't overeat.

Restroom Rating: Didn't use.

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