Sunday, May 25, 2014

Leon's Frozen Custard - Milwaukee, WI

Featured on Man vs. Food Nation and Bizarre Foods.

Leon's is a Milwaukee landmark and the inspiration behind Arnold's Drive-In of Happy Days. It''s also THE place to go for frozen custard.

Double Dip Cone Vanilla Custard.

I've had the ubiquitous Culver's frozen custard and that's where I'll more often than not go for custard. It's great custard and you'll never hear a complaint from me about Culver's. Give me Culver's custard and I'm all smiles. I've had Kopp's frozen custard and it's also very good but just a bit sweet and strong in vanilla for my tastes.

Finally after all these years, I was in the area and Leon's became a must stop. Of course, if you're going to order custard, it must be vanilla.  And what a treat Leon's was.  As good as Culver's is, Leon's is on another level smoother, more mellow, understated, and with no overpowering or dominate taste.  Texture and taste were perfect. The entire package just works. I didn't think custard could be significantly better than what Culver's offers but Leon's meets the definition of significantly and notably better. It's addictive good.

I had only one quibble. The custard was on the soft side and melting too quick in the sun, even as fast as I eat.

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Romans 12:15

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